Our Services

Our interpreters and translators work in over 100 languages and dialects. A formal screening process aims at ensuring that all members of our team are linguistically qualified, reliable and discreet.  They are skilled in creating an environment where communication is based on mutual respect and trust.  We meet this commitment by carefully matching the interpreter or the translator to your needs. We are often called upon to assist individuals who are in need of translation and interpretation services from their mother tongue to English or from English to their language.

We offer 24-hour/day, 7 days/week Emergency Service!


Languages of Life works closely with medical, legal and law enforcement services and our interpreters recognize the importance of providing unbiased, confidential interpretation. Our interpretation services include relaying phone messages, attending meetings and conferences as well as assisting with confidential interviews throughout the Greater Ottawa Area.


Our translators provide reliable and accurate translations of documents ranging from immigration documents, criminal background checks to birth/marriage/death certificates etc.  Any document we receive is translated on time and with the utmost confidentiality.  You are welcome to drop your documents off at the office during regular business hours, send them by fax: 613.232.3770 or by email: [email protected].

24/7 Service

Please be advised to have access to our 24/7 dispatch  service, arrangements must be made with Languages of Life prior to your first request.

Service Request Form and Service Form

We require all of our clients to complete a service request form when requesting an interpretation or translation, and a service form when the service has been completed.

Service Request Form

Service Form 

For additional information, please refer to our English Pamphlet or French Pamphlet.